Red Stick Together

Want to become a Giraphic Prints Designer?


1. Create your design…

Think you have an amazing t-shirt design college fans would love? Want your artwork to be seen by the community? Want to win some cash if your design is selected for print? Here’s how: Download the Submission Folder, review the Giraphic Prints Design Guidelines and get started! Whether it’s a unique college design or one for a themed design contest, we need you to participate! We want creative designs, designs with personality, designs that are original, designs that your peers want. Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Giraphic Prints Designer?

2. Submit your design…

Once you’re ready to submit your design, click the “Submit Design” button at the bottom of the page. Log in, fill out the form, upload your design files, review and agree to the Giraphic Prints Legal Terms and Conditions and click the “Submit” button.

New designs go up for grading every Wednesday.

3. The community grades their favorite design(s)…

Whether you’re submitting a design for a specific contest or just think you have the next best idea for a college-inspired t-shirt, we think it’s important to let the community have a say in what t-shirts we produce. Your design will be displayed on our website for all to see. The community will grade and comment on your design, and we’ll be watching!

4. The winner is chosen…

Winning designs will receive a predetermined cash prize or residual payments for t-shirts sold. We take several factors into consideration before selecting a design. It is ultimately at the discretion of Giraphic Prints to make the final decision concerning accepting designs for grading by the community and selecting designs for print.